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EPG and recording time trouble in TVHeadend

I’ve moved from having a full XBMC Kodi install on my Raspberry Pi to just Raspbian with tvheadend as all I want is to capture content for consumption elsewhere e.g. RTÉ Pulse shows.

Recently, I had the bright idea of moving to Jessie and in the process discovered that all no longer played well and I wasn’t recording the actual shows I wanted. Two things were happening: the EPG which is pulled from EIT OTA was +1 hour out – most discussions on this issue being observed on TVH centre around there being an issue with the provider. So I went down the rabbit hole of trying to get DVB scanner tools to work to inspect the Saorview EIT data – a successful endeavour. It was then by chance that I saw TVH when debug mode was enabled was logging events with a -1 hour difference.

This is where how time is handled on Linux gets confusing. I looked at the timezone per user (so setting via .profile) and at system level which I naively assumed was /etc/timezone. I wasted lots of times between these two until I discovered /etc/localtime and then this information: https://wiki.debian.org/TimeZoneChanges. dpkg-reconfigure tzdata is your friend.

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